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Premier Restaurant Group

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Highly Efficient Franchisee & Acquisitions Group

PRG is two companies in one; split into two distinct operating units, the firm conducts both brand operations and corporate acquisitions under the PRG organization.

1.) Franchise Operating Division (FOD) conducts all operations, marketing and related date-to-day activities for all brands, serving as the franchisor of record for all existing and future PRG systems.

2.) Corporate Acquisitions Group (CAG) functions as the acquiring arm for the platform, sourcing potential restaurant systems, conducting detailed due diligence, sourcing financing and managing all closing and integration activities.

Industry Challenges:

Smaller (less than 100 unit) Franchisors struggle to consistently grow efficiently and effectively, due to lack of knowledge, access to synergistic acquisitions and capital needed to scale profitably.

  • Lack of competency to manage expansion efforts leading to excessive overhead and costs
  • Failure to develop and implement scalable operating and financial models
  • Inability to manage and automate complex back-office processes (IT, Accounting, Supply Chain etc.)
  • Little or no knowledge of capital markets  
  • No access to acquisitions


  • “Pure Franchisor” – PRG has no company-owned locations.
  • No lease-related liabilities and other pitfalls common to company-owned restaurant portfolios. Example: Acquisition of the Cheeburger-Cheeburger brand in 2017 included a single company-owned store in Virginia, which has since been divested.
  • Highly Accretive: Benefiting significantly from each successive acquisition. On average, brand-level EBITDA flow through at margins of approximately 70%. This extraordinary level of profitability is driven by efficiencies gained through the elimination of redundant management and overhead costs.
  • Our platform is further bolstered by diversity among brands within the fast-casual dining space, intended to withstand challenging economic conditions.
  • Lean Management Structure: leveraging the latest technology and digital media marketing contributes to strong corporate-level EBITDA flow-through, currently at approximately 60%.

Our Vision

“We are a professional franchisor and acquisition company focused on reinvigorating restaurant brands within the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry. We have developed a unique business model by blending all of the best practices of rapid portfolio growth, franchise management and operations.”

“In addition, we have a robust pipeline of acquisitions and have perfected a highly efficient consolidated corporate infrastructure.”

~ Anthony Wedo – Founder, Chairman and CEO

PRG’s Chairman and Founder CEO Anthony Wedo developed the core principals and business methodologies over the past 30 years building large-scale businesses in the franchised restaurant industry. He has been a Fortune 50 public company executive, entrepreneur, turnaround CEO and operating partner for several private equity firms, developing new restaurant franchise systems in every major US market. Moreover, he has attracted high quality industry veterans to support the mission and has access to many more as the company grows.


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